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How To Create Fascinating Memories For Your Child, Right In Your Home.

How To Create Fascinating Memories For Your Child, Right In Your Home.
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Lord Nuffield once said, "the best preparation for adulthood is to have a full and enjoyable childhood". Thus childhood must include active play be it indoors or outdoors. Children need opportunities to explore, experiment, expand, discover, practice, push their limits, yell, sing, build and create.


Some of our favorite childhood memories have always been our play activities. Now you can create the same for your children.



Play + Fun = Lasting Memories


There are fundamental reasons why play is critical for young children. First, many of the developmental tasks that children must achieve - exploring, risk-taking, motor development and the absorption of vast amounts of basic knowledge - can be most effectively learned through play.


At a time when play is being taken away from young children through excessive social media, TV and computer use, and to a certain extent, busy and tired parents, indoor play is critical for the healthy development of young children.


Children need to develop large motor and small motor skills and cardiovascular endurance, which must be encouraged in outdoor playgrounds. Extensive physical activity is also needed to address a growing problem of obesity in young children.



Learning About the World - In a Fun Way


Much of what a child learns can be imparted in an effective — and certainly more fun way! Not only do children learn lots of basic and fundamental information about how the world works in a very effective manner, they are more likely to remember what they learned.



Ten Multiple Benefits of Play.


  1. Development of motor skills
  2. Sharpening of the senses
  3. Expression of emotions — empathy
  4. Sharing, turn taking — harmony
  5. Ordering, sequencing
  6. Delay of gratification
  7. Role playing
  8. Increased concentration
  9. Flexibility
  10. Expansion of imagination and creativity



How Parents Can Help in Creating Memories Together.


As a parent, you are your child’s first and best playmate. You have a big role in being involved in their

development. Children tend to be more creative when their parents are involved in their growth. The best play occurs indoors when the child has fun and learns what he or she can do individually. You will be amazed at the different ways children can play indoors safely. Being creative with an indoor play set can help your child be creative and  create fascinating memories for both you and your child.




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